Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Frost Yourself

WOW...I am finally updating out blog. Sorry to the few of you who read this. Well I am not good at pictures but I did manage to get some pictures of the beautiful snow we have been getting.

To start off from my last post, Matt and I had a great holiday season! We had so much fun hanging out with all of our friends over the break. We are the luckiest people because we have the best friends ever! I don't know where I would be without them.

Matt & I celebrated our 4th anniversary on Jan 16th. Four years, my how time goes by so fast. Matt was cute and gave me flowers and took me to dinner. We opted to save our money for vacation instead of buying gifts. We didn't know what else to get each other so this was perfect because I LOVE to travel!

Matt's parents left on another mission this month. They left for New York, NY South and so far are enjoying it. I look forward to a few visits this year. I don't know what it is about the big apple but I love to visit it. There is so much to do on this tiny island.

To add to the excitment this month...Charlotte & Jason welcomed Reese Ann Richards into the world on Jan. 23rd. I wish I had a picture but take my word she is a cutie! Congrats you two! There are so many babies that have come and that are coming and all I have to say is these babies already have the greatest group of friends! Now I am sure I will get comments on "when is it my turn" Well that is a good question, and we don't have an answer....sorry to disappoint you all.

Well I think I have covered what has gone on since my last post. I promise that I will be better about my postings.


De Paula New York South Mission said...

Hey Rachelle! Your blog is just adorable... just like you! Classy and colorful and fun!

I'm glad you and Matt had a nice 4th anniversary...but saved your money to come to New York and see us! That's a much better deal for sure:-)

We miss you two so much and love you lots.

Love, Sharon (Mother-in-law)

Sim & Kam said...

Cute post Rachelle. I like the background. When I changed my background my stuff on the side went away too. Can we say annoying?! Anyway, I will be in town for Easton's blessing feb 21-27. See you soon!!!!