Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Birthday & Wedding Celebrations!

That’s right we had a couple of birthday celebrations this weekend. My brother-in-law had his 30th birthday on Friday the 8th but little did he know about his Surprise Party the next day. His fabulous wife Callie with help of Greg’s cousin planned a great party. It was at Thanksgiving point and we had food, played poker, and Karaoke. I was so fun and everyone got into it! I know it wasn't my party but I know Callie & Greg loved all the support from the friends and family who came celebrate, even if just for a moment, I know they where grateful.

At midnight, Matt, me, Ryan, & Alli, drove up to Ogden to see Joel McHale (the guy that hosts the soup) and it was so funny and was nice enough to get pictures with us. I will post it soon. So by the time we left it was Sunday Feb 10th which was Alli's birthday! She turned a whopping twenty-something (I am not sure if she would want me to tell so you all get to guess but I will tell you this....younger than me) Also on Sunday I went to a wedding shower for my cousins fiancé and it was so fun. Shauna & Sharon did a great job of hosting and I am excited to have Tracie as and official member of the family!

So just when you think the celebrations have ended oh no...Monday was my little sisters birthday Feb 11th! She is the best little sister ever and she keeps me in style! My parents where in Cancun for the birthday so my sister and I planned a dinner that Danielle wanted and made it. We learned that we take forever to cook but she liked the meal and we all had a great time. My mom made the cake before she left and it was delightful. Happy Birthday little sis and welcome to you 20's.

Well that concludes this celebration weekend but don't you worry we have 2 more birthdays to go this month!


Kristy said...

Thanks so much! Sounds like you guys are busy! :) We all need to get together some time.

Pulver Palooza said...

got to love all of the fun!

Pulver Palooza said...

got to love all of the fun!

Templin Family said...

You party people! Sounds like you had a great time. Wish we could have been there. :) Come see us again soon.

JanaB said...

I sure to miss all you kappa's! Hope you are well!