Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So what did I do yesterday...well I watched a fire. This is a picture of the house across the street from my parent circle. Yes...the fire was that close. I have never seen a fire move so fast up the mountain as a gust of wind blew. There where ashes all over but I couldn't help but watch and wonder...is my childhood home going to burn down??? We took some pictures and I will get those up when i am back in town. It was a crazy day...as my family and I thought about what things we would pack and take with us if we had to leave. We also had our dog and cats close by in case so we wouldn't have to find them. Luckily no houses burned and it is sad to see the beautiful mountain all black. Thanks to all the fireman out there that saved the homes in Draper!


Maughans said...

WOW! I took a picture from the other side of Draper looking down on it (on my blog), but this is too close for comfort. So, So sad.

Sharon and Lin said...
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Sharon and Lin said...

We're so happy that your parent's home and the other Draper homes were spared from this terrible fire. That is a frightening thing to witness - and you had a "front row seat!"

Are you packed? See you in about 30 hours :-)

Love, the de Paulas

Jess said...

Wow, I can't believe it was that close. That fire was nuts. I was worried about it with the winds. I am glad they got it under control and it did not get closer to your parents house.