Friday, October 24, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Braxton, Ryker, & Adreanna
Braxton's Birthday Cake
The Party's Birthday Cake
Carved oranges with yummy orange sherbet inside

On October 14th Braxton turned one. I can't believe I have two nephews that are one. Time goes by so fast! Callie and Greg had a Halloween party for their Halloween baby and we had a great time as you can tell from all the yummy food. I missed Rykers birthday because I was out of town so this if or him too! Happy Birthday boys! Your the best nephews an aunt can ask for!

It was also my cousins birthday on the 15th and I wish i had a picture to put up here. Shauna I just want you know how glad I am that we are such great friends and cousins! I love you and wish the best birthday ever!