Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Now that I have lost most of my readers (all five of you) because I never post I thought I better put the update out there for the few of you who have left comments.

Where to start...Not much has happened just a few things. I was working for a publishing company and they where letting people go and I was one of the "Lucky ones" It didn't come as a shock we all knew it was happening but just didn't know when. I miss the people I worked with because I did work with the BEST sales team ever! We had a stressful job they sure knew how to make it fun. I have since found another job that I am very excited about!

Summer has been great so far. Matt and I have been hanging out with friends going up the canyon and roasting hot dogs and making cobbler with friends. I have been doing a lot of swimming (I love summer!) We have had friends come over a few times to swim but we need to swim more. My goal this summer is to get a camera so that i can post more pictures. I will be on vacation but when i get back and post about it I will be sure to have some pictures!


Sim & Kam said...

Which job did you end up taking? Where you going on vaca? Lucky